Passion. Dedication. Dynamism. Optimism. Four words that connect footballers and fans of the sport globally.
These words also define our identity as Jamaica’s only true quad –play telecommunications provider, a new FLOW.

Our presence this season will introduce Jamaica to the product of our newly combined business. Our sponsorship this year reaffirms our commitment to supporting the dreams and development of youth while also making direct contribution to Jamaica’s football future.

As a regional business, we continue to make significant investments in the development of football, more so, how fans and spectators access and enjoy the game. At the local level, through what will now be known the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup, we will continue to drive and support innovations in the sport.

Through this hugely popular activity, we will continue to provide a platform for schools and teams to monetize and raise funds for their yearly efforts while also galvanizing alumni and fans of the sport locally and in the diaspora.

All this as we continue on a journey to promote real connections among our customers and throughout the Caribbean.
We also ask that our players, coaches and school administrators embrace and embody the traits outlined as they train, compete and excel in this year’s competition.