“Dream to change the world…on any field you play”

The past two years as associate food sponsor of the ISSA/FLOW Schoolboy Football competition has been filled with many lessons for the Burger King brand. The chief lesson being how one dream can cause significant change in the lives of the dreamers.

History has shown that sports in general can transform the lives of the dreamers on the team and the dreamers in the stands. Schoolboy Football in Jamaica continues to inspire schools and even the nation to believe in that success is possible- goal by goal, minute by minute; sometimes going into overtime to ensure that the desired win is a reality.

In this our third year, Burger King continues to be committed to youth transformation through sports; with our support of netball at the national and regional levels, our 15 year sponsorship of the BK/YMCA Prep and Primary Swim Meet and our fueling of less popular sports such as squash, polo and equestrian. Burger King believes that each youth in Jamaica can find their purpose through sports, arts and education. The Manning and DaCosta Cup competitions are proof that this belief is truth.

Burger King congratulate ISSA, title sponsor FLOW, coaches, principals and other partners for their role in making sure that the stellar tradition of young men living their dreams during 90 minutes of intense play is continued. As Burger King celebrates 30 years of taste rules your way in Jamaica, we look forward to another season of upsets, big wins and graceful moments of defeat complemented by goals of glory.