It is that time again for the most anticipated football competition in Jamaica – the ISSA/Flow/ Manning/DaCosta Cup Competition. I have no doubt that this year’s competition will be one to remember as teams have been preparing hard and long to wrestle the titles from Jamaica College (Manning Cup) and Clarendon College (DaCosta Cup). So enjoy the excitement of the 2015/16 competition!

I encourage all stakeholders to be mindful of the fact that this is a schoolboy football competition and as such it must be characterized by friendly rivalry. Again, I use this medium to remind teams and supporters that at ISSA we are guided by the fact that the ruling of the officials in charge of the game is final – comply then complain. Do not bring the games into disrepute. Trust the system to affect justice when necessary. ISSA will act swiftly to protect the smooth running of the competition and bring to book those who deliberately try to disrupt the competition.

In light of this I must however, congratulate all stakeholders for the way they conduct themselves last season as there were very few incidents of concerns. We hope that this season will be even better.

I would like to use this opportunity to welcome the new chairman of DaCosta Cup, Mr. Linvern Wright. Mr. Wright, while new to the position, knows all about the competition. He has been entrusted with the hard task of filling the gap left by Mr. Denham McIntyre, who retired recently.

I would like to give special commendation to Mr. Aston Messam, chairman of Manning Cup for his hard work in preparation for the season. I would also like to add a special thanks to our sponsors, FLOW and Burger King for their continued investment in schoolboy football and the development of young Jamaicans.

Thanks are also in order for the Competitions Officer, Mr. George Forbes and the office staff for their continued diligence in ensuring that everything is in place for this elite competition. In addition, let me use this opportunity to thank the Officials, Medical Services, Security Forces, Principals, Teachers, Coaches, Referees, Parents, Students and countless individuals who continue to give time and effort to ensure a great ISSA/Flow/Manning and DaCosta Cup Competition