The annual BIGGA STETHS Cup which is in its 5th year began with a new format last Saturday at the Treasure Beach Sports Park.
This year there are eight competing teams, up from the regular four teams. Participating teams this year are:

Jamaica College – 2013 Manning Cup & Olivier Shield Winners
STETHS – 2013 Dacosta Cup and Ben Francis Cup Champions
Wolmers – 2013 Walker Cup Champions
Glenmuir – Defending STETHS CUP Champions
Manchester High – 2013 Beaten Ben Francis Cup Champions
Clarendon College

The tournament is geared towards providing quality structured practice games for the top teams from last year’s schoolboy season and sees teams competing for various incentives including a top prize of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS and the BIGGA STETHS CUP along with other individual and team prizes.

Sponsors of this year’s competition include Title Sponsors BIGGA as well as the Sports Sports Ltd. and JackSprat Restaurant.

Results of Games played on Saturday July 26, 2014

Group A
Excelsior 1- Glenmuir 0
STETHS 4 – Bridgeport 0

Group B
JC 0 vs. Manchester 0
CC 1 vs. Wolmers 1

Remaining Schedule Saturday August 02 @ St. Georges College

12:15 STETHS vs Excelsior
1:55 CC vs Manchester High
3:35 Bridgeport vs. Glenmuir
5:15 Wolmers vs. JC

Saturday August 16 @ Manchester High

Bridgeport  vs. Excelsior                     (Venue & Time to TBD)
JC vs. CC                                        @1:45
STETHS vs. Glenmuir                         @3:20
Manchester vs. Wolmers                     @5:00

Saturday August 23 @ STETHS

Winner Zone II vs. Zone I Qualifier               @ 2:45
STETHS vs. Zone II 2nd Place                      @ 4:45
Sunday August 24 @ STETHS

3rd Place Play-Off       Loser I vs Loser II       @ 2:45
Final    Winner I vs. Winner II                      @ 4:45