Are Manning and DaCosta Cup titles being bought by institutions due to resources available to them which they can use to lure away players from less resourceful schools?

Recent surveys show that majority of the players winning titles are being transferred from non-traditional high schools that fail to guarantee opportunities.

Schools have acquired the service of as much as twelve (12) new players for the upcoming season. With all the new players coming in, what will become of the rooted ones who have been at the school since the beginning? What about the schools who work so hard to build these players and get them to a higher level to compete, only for them to be taken away because they can be offered more than just an education elsewhere?

I do believe that there should be a transfer limit put in place to reduce the amount of players a school can recruit. This would adequately level the playing field across the board that every individual may have a fair chance of reaping success.


By Oral McMamee