Mile Gully High have taken over the lead in Group 1 of the ISSA/Wata DaCosta Cup quarterfinals after beating Maggotty High 2-0 in their game played at Manchester High on Friday.

Mile Gully who did a lot of travelling for their last two games, and are coming off a loss against Port Antonio High at Carder Park, got a much needed win and are at the top of points tables, on goals scored over Port Antonio High and Frome Technical, all tied on three points with a goal difference of 1.

All three teams are on three points, but Mile Gully and Maggotty High who are in the last place with no points after two games and seem headed to the Ben Francis KO play-offs have played two games.

On Wednesday, Garvey Maceo High opened their quarterfinal round with a 2-0 win over Glenmuir High at Juici Field.

Second half goals from Anjay Gayle and Tyreke Henry carried Garvey Maceo to their 13th straight win and took them joint leaders with Cornwall College, both on three points.

It was the third win for Garvey Maceo over Glenmuir High this season after twice beating them in the first round, by similar 1-0 margins, when they met in Zone M.

Gayle scored his third goal since the start of the second round and 12th overall when he gave Garvey Maceo the lead in the 55th minute before Henry added a second in the 61st minute.