In what is undoubtedly one of the most challenging zones in DaCosta Cup football with the multiple time champions Munro College and St. Elizabeth Technical High School, the Maggotty High gentlemen are standing firm.

After three matches in the first round of the ISSA/WATA DaCosta Cup Football completion, the Maggotty High School is sitting in second place on six (6) points, three (3) points behind the leaders STETHS, this after one nil victories over Lacovia High and Sydney Pagon STEM Academy.

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In their first match of the season versus the Lacovia High School on September 11th at the Appleton Sports Complex, the gentlemen in burgundy and gold had to toil to achieve the go-ahead goal in the latter part of the second half via a beautifully orchestrated free kick setup which saw Anthony Tomlinson placing the ball in the back of the Lacovia team’s net.

This strike proved to be the match-deciding goal as Lacovia High were unable to find a comeback thus Maggotty High walked away with the three (3) points.

The team then journeyed to Elim to face Sydney Pagon STEM Academy on September 13th where they were again made to toil for a go-ahead goal. It was Alex Allen’s late finish in the second half of the match that secured another three (3) points the gentlemen in burgundy and gold.

The stage was now set on September 15th for a top of the table clash with the multiple time champions STETHS on the Appleton Sports Complex ground. The match was an intense one, with Maggotty and STETHS going at it ‘tit for tat’. An early injury saw Maggotty’s captain, Maurice Smith being substituted from the defence early in the match.

In spite of this, the Maggotty High team played some beautiful football putting the STETHS team on the back foot for the majority of play.

STETHS also created their chances hitting the crossbar on occasion and forcing some brilliant saves from the Maggotty High keeper, Davonnie Burton.
STETHS achieved the breakthrough in the latter portion of the half thus earning them the three (3) points. This goal proved to be the match decider as Maggotty High were unable to equalise in their attempts on goal.

The Maggotty High gentlemen know that it is early days yet and will gain much confidence heading into their upcoming games after such a performance versus the 2015 champions.