Its two wins from two starts for defending daCosta Cup champions Rusea’s High as they beat Cambridge High 3-1 in their Zone B game at Cambridge Thursday.

Kenroy Campbell scored two goals to take his tally to three from both games and lead the Rusea’s High team as they improved to six points. {loadmodule mod_custom,Google inside article ad code}

Rusea’s are however second in Zone B on goal-difference behind rival Frome Technical who hammered fast starting Hopewell High 5-2 at Kenilworth Heart Academy.

Giovauni Mittoo scored his second straight hat-trick to lead Frome Technical as they scored five goals in each of their two games played so far.

Hopewell High got off to a winning start on Monday beating Merlene Ottey High 3-0 but had little resistance against Frome.

Green Island rebounded well from their 0-4 loss to Rusea’s with a similar win over Merlene Ottey and are into third place in the group ahead of Hopewell High.