The second round of the DaCosta Cup will take place on Saturday October 12, 2014 at various grounds across the island. There will be 16 scheduled games on the calendar. Go out and support your team.

Fixtures are below.


Zone 1
Ruseas     vs.     Muschett 1 PM @ Jarrett Park
Cornwall College     vs.     Petersfield 3 PM @ Jarrett Park

Zone 2
William Knibb     vs.     Godfrey Stewart 1PM @ Drax Hall
Frome     vs.     Green Pond 3PM @ Frome Sports Complex

Zone 3
STETHS     vs.     Edwin Allen 3PM @ STETHS Sports Complex
Manchester     vs.     Holmwood 3PM @ Kirkvine

Zone 4
Christiana     vs.     Clarendon College 1PM @ Kirkvine
Mile Gully     vs.     Lacovia High 3PM @ Manchester High Grounds

Zone 5
Brimmervale     vs.     Old Harbour  1PM @ Oracabessa Comm. Ctr.
Fair Prospect     vs.     Cedric Titus 3PM @ Snow Hill Field

Zone 6
Oracabessa     vs.     Dinthill 3PM @ Oracabessa Comm. Ctr.
Marcus Garvey     vs.     Tichfield 3PM @ Drax Hall

Zone 7
Ewarton     vs.     Garvey Maceo 3PM @ Bramwell Clarke Sports Complex
Paul Bogle     vs.     Kemps Hill 3PM @ York Oval

Zone 8
Glenmuir     vs.     St. James 3PM @ Juici Beef Complex
Vere Tech     vs.     Morant Bay 3PM @ Jamalco