On October 8, 2014 at the start of the LIME Super Cup games, we posted a poll on our site asking our visitors who they thought would win the inaugural competition.  To date, this team from 18 George Headley Drive in Kingston 4, only received 22 votes; their challenger and DaCosta Cup favorites Clarendon College, came up with 97 votes.

Kevina Miller - Team Nutritionist
Kevina Miller – Team Nutritionist
This public opinion poll did not deter this sleeper team if you may, they went out, came from a goal down to defeat their DaCosta Cup counterparts in a penalty shootout 4-3, after being deadlocked at the end of regulation and extra time.

The following week, Garvey Maceo, was totally demolished 4-0 in a game which three of the Clarendon based school players were ejected.  This week, they face a strong  Wolmer’s Boys team who has been playing lights out football since the start of the season.  Their play of late has got to be scary for any team facing them.

Jamaican Schoolboy Football, via our corporate area Administrator, took the time out to reach out to the Holy Trinity coaching staff for an interview.

What is the secret to your success?

Holy Trinity Crest  “The secret to our success so far is teamwork. There is no outstanding player, so the boys and coaching staff emphasize teamwork and unity. We believe strongly in the saying, teamwork makes the dream work.”

How far do you think your team will go in the Manning & Super Cups?

Holy Trinity Crest  “I think we can go all the way if the boys play together and make wise choices/decisions during the various games”.

Which team/s do you fear the most?

Holy Trinity Crest  “NONE! All the teams we have seen have weaknesses, we just need to play our football and we can defeat any opposition we come up against.”

What would you want Jamaica to know about team Holy Trinity?

Holy Trinity Crest  “We are playing good quality football and will be a force to be reckoned with. Our program is running on a ‘shoestring’ budget, but if given the proper resources we will be unstoppable.”

Sherton McPherson - Physical Trainer
Sherton McPherson – Physical Trainer
How will your team approach the Super Cup game against Wolmer’s Boys this Saturday November 1st?

Holy Trinity Crest  “That’s a secret, come out to the game on Saturday and you will see.”

In closing, can you introduce your hardworking staff to the people of Jamaica and those in the Diaspora?

Holy Trinity Crest “Our coaches: are Devon Anderson & myself Nigel Webb.  It should be noted that we co-coach, as a result there is no head-coach.

There is Patrick Holness, the medical personnel.

Sherton McPherson who deals with physical training.

Dennis Davis, the team’s manager,  and last but not least, Kevina Miller our Nutritionist”

Thank you, and all the best in your remaining games.

Holy Trinity Crest: Thank you as well.