Steer Town Academy has qualified for the inter-zone round and now, the quarterfinals of the DaCosta Cup for the first time in school history.
The St. Ann based school is only seven years old but through hard work and a dedicated coach in the form of Kavi Meeks, they have some how found themselves in the business end of the DaCosta Cup competition.
In their bid to reach the quarterfinals they lost to Dinthill Technical 3-2 in a well-fought match in Ewarton, St. Catherine, Dinthill’s backyard.
The first timers then created waves in Portland when they took an early lead against Port Antonio High, through striker Obrien Brown. Port Antonio would eventually find an equalizer in the dying moments of the match. This left Steer Town on one point with a game in hand.
They needed 5 clear goals in their rescheduled match against Brimmervale High to surpass Port Antonio on goal difference.
In a once sided affair with five minutes left in the game Steer Town led Brimmervale 3 goals to nil. They needed two more goals to advance. A penalty was awarded to them after an illegal challenge in the box by a Brimmervale defender. Christopher Graham calmly converted to bring their target to one goal to advance. Leading goal scorer, Dwayne Miller then sealed the deal with a well-taken strike after laying waste to two of Brimmervale High defenders. This sent the small crowd of spectators that had gathered in a frenzy.
Steer Town Academy has made it into the quarterfinals and in the process has eliminated Port Antonio High.