Rank Teams Points Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Goal difference Current form
1 St Ann GiantsSt Ann Giants 3 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 W????
2 St Thomas CobrasSt Thomas Cobras 3 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 W????
3 St Catherine SaintsSt Catherine Saints 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 W????
4 KSAFA All-StarsKSAFA All-Stars 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 -1 L????
5 Portland BlazersPortland Blazers 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 -3 L????
6 St Mary RaidersSt Mary Raiders 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 -3 L????


Rank Teams Points Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Goal difference Current form
1 Manchester LionsManchester Lions 4 2 1 0 1 7 4 3 WD???
2 Clarendon GalaxyClarendon Galaxy 3 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 W????
3 Hanover PatriotsHanover Patriots 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 W????
4 St Elizabeth TigersSt Elizabeth Tigers 1 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 LD???
5 St James UnitedSt James United 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
6 Trelawny BaronsTrelawny Barons 0 1 0 1 0 1 4 -3 L????
7 Westmoreland WarriorsWestmoreland Warriors 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 -3 L????

2018 SportsMax Elite League Competition RULES & REGULATIONS Last Updated – 18 March 2018 1. PURPOSE The Elite League will be the premier youth football competition in Jamaica. This parish development league is geared towards the continued development of youth football beyond the schoolboy football season. This league will foster an academy style approach to football with a philosophy being developed among our young players ahead of being called to the national team. The Elite league will allow both athletes and parish associations to play a more active role in the development of Jamaica’s youth football programmes. This manual documents the methods, procedures, and guidelines used to stage the Elite League Competition. 2. SCOPE This manual is applicable to the Elite League. The competition will be held between March – May for the 2017-2018 season Date/s and time/s of game/s will be set by the organizing committee. The proposed location/s for this year’s competition are Juici Park – Clarendon, Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex, Wespow Park – Montego Bay, Drax Hall – St. Ann, Frome Complex – Westmoreland, Stadium East Complex and Lynch Park – Portland. 3. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS • FIFA Laws of the Game as amended annually • JFF Official Administrative Rule Book as amended annually • JFF Bylaws and Article of Association • JFF Board of Directors • JFF Annual Calendar and General Meeting 4. COMPETITION DIVISIONS AND AGE GROUPS The Elite League is comprised of the following: a) Thirteen (13) Parish Men’s Teams. The teams will be placed in two (2) zones namely east and west. Each team will play each other once; a total of five (5) and six (6) games respectively in the preliminary stage. b) The teams comprising the zones are as follows: East Zone – Portland Blazers, St. Thomas Cobras, KSAFA All Stars, St. Catherine Saints, St. Ann Giants, St. Mary Raiders. West Zone – Clarendon Galaxy, Manchester Lions, Trelawny Barons, St. James United, Hanover Patriots, St. Elizabeth Tigers, Westmoreland Warriors. c) Under eighteen (18) men’s born on or after 1 January 1999 and Under 20 men’s born on or after 31 May 1997. 5. PLAYER/ COACH PASSES Each player, coach and assistant coach in the Elite League must have an official Parish identification (ID card). The id shall have the signature of the Parish President/General Secretary/ and/or designee and a current photograph permanently attached. Players may not be photographed in hats or headbands. All id’s must be laminated. 6. PARISH ROSTERS a) A Registration Form together with each player’s passport or Birth Certificate must be checked before the start of the Competition by a representative/s of the respective Parish Association to ensure eligibility of player/s. The form will then be sent to the JFF Competitions Services Department at latest ten (10) days prior to the start of the competition. A copy of the player’s passport bio page and/or birth certificate must be submitted to the JFF Competitions Services Department along with the registration form. b) The registration form must be signed and sealed by the President and/or General Secretary of the respective Parish Association. c) The Registration Form shall list the parish coach, parish assistant/s, other officials and all parish players. All players must sign the registration form. Players under the age of 18 must have their registration signed by their parent/guardian. d) The Head Coach must be at least JFF Advance Level II certified. e) A minimum of twenty (20) and a maximum of twenty five (25) players are allowed to be registered. Included in the registration are five (5) players over the age of eighteen (18) years but born on or after 31 May 1997. f) All five (5) players over the age of eighteen (18) years can be listed on the match card but only three (3) players can be on the field simultaneously, hence all five (5) can take part in match in the match. g) Game format will be 11 v 11. 7. PLAYER EQUIPMENT AND UNIFORMS a) All parish teams shall wear matching uniforms consisting of jersey, shorts and socks as provided by the organizers. b) Every field player shall have a unique and identifiable number attached to his jersey. Additional garments may be worn to protect against the elements, but all players must present a uniform appearance and all extra clothing is subject to the approval of the referee. c) No jewelry of any type may be worn during a match under any circumstances. All players, including the goalkeeper, must wear shin guards during the duration of all matches. d) Additional equipment or clothing worn to reduce the chance of injury or to protect existing injuries shall be used only with the approval of the referee. 8. PLAYER/PARISH ELIGIBILITY a) Parish Association must ensure that for registration purposes, the player is: i) A member of one of their affiliated club or ii) A resident of the Parish or iii) Attend a school in the parish to which he is being registered to qualify his registration. b) A completed Registration form together with each player’s passport or Birth Certificate to ensure player/s eligibility. c) Players must submit a medical certificate/report. The Organizing Committee will arrange with each team a convenient date and time for the player/s medical examination. 9. FORMAT The Competition will be played in Four (4) Stages as follows: i) Preliminary ii) Playoff iii) Semifinals iv) Final 9.1 PRELIMINARY STAGE a) All thirteen (13) parish teams will be placed in two (2) zones as is indicated in Article 4. PLAYOFF b) At the end of the preliminary stage, the winner of each zone (east and west) will automatically advance from to the semifinals. The teams finishing second and third respectively in each zones will playoff for the 2 remaining semifinal spots. SEMIFINALS c) The winner of the east zone will play the winner of the game between the 2nd and 3rd place team from the east zone. d) The winner of the west zone will play the winner of the game between the 2nd and 3rd place team from the west zone. e) The winners of c and d will advance to the final 9.2.1 FINAL STAGE a) If at the end of regulation time, the scores are ties, two (2) fifteen (15) minutes period of extra time will be played. If there is still no winner at the end of this period, the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark using FIFA guidelines with only those players on the field at the conclusion of play eligible. 10. DETERMINATION OF CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER a) The two semifinal winners shall play in a final at a venue to be decided by the organizers. 5 b) Championship matches shall be played to a conclusion. Art.9.2.1b 11. DETERMINATION OF COMPETITION STANDINGS During Competition play, parish team/s will be awarded game points as follows: a) Three (3) points for a win b) One (1) points for a tie c) Zero (0) points for a loss 12. DIVISIONAL TIE BREAKING PROCEDURE Standings at the conclusion of Competition play will be determined on the basis of game points. In the event of ties, standings will be established using the following tie breaking criteria in sequence until a winner has been determined: a) Greater number of points obtained in all the group matches. b) Goal difference in all group matches c) Greater number of goals scored in all group matches d) Greater number of points obtained in matches between the teams concerned. e) Goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned f) Greater number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned g) A play-off on neutral ground. 13. DECORUM a) Parish Associations are responsible for the behavior of all players, coaches, parents and spectators associated with their team. b) The only person/s allowed on the team bench during an Elite League game are the officials and substitutes listed on the approved Team roster, a maximum of seven (7) officials and nine (9) players. Only five (5) player/s will be allowed to be substituted. c) All players and officials shall have an approved JFF player/official pass (ID card) provided by their respective Parish Association which must be checked at the field by a match official before being allowed on the bench. d) The only exceptions to this rule (ID card) shall be: medical personnel and stretcher bearers and any emergency requiring additional assistance. e) The National Anthem must be played or sung, prior to the start of the final game on each match day with both teams standing in line on either side of Match Officials. f) Teams must enter the field together after the half time break along with the match officials. g) Teams should line up at the end of games, shake hands and walk off together. 14. SUSPENSION RELATING TO CARDS a) Any player sent off the field of play, whether directly (a straight red card) or as a result of two cautions (two yellow cards) in the same match, is at minimum, suspended for the next match. b) Any player who accumulates two (2) single yellow cards in two different 7 matches in the competition is suspended for the following match. Thereafter, each time a player accumulates two single yellow cards in two different matches, he will be suspended for the following match with the exception that single cautions will be eliminated at the end of the preliminary stage and at the end of the competition. c) After the final match in a competition, all punishments cease to be applicable, except Red Card and those suspensions imposed by the JFF Disciplinary Committee. d) As a rule, all disciplinary punishments (except for automatic yellow/red cards) shall be honored by the affiliates (PA’s) of the JFF. In order to ensure compliance, affiliates shall lodge their disciplinary measures to the JFF’s Office within twenty-four (24) hours after their disciplinary hearing. e) The 2016-2017 JFF Disciplinary Code will be used to determine sanctions imposed. (Copy attached) 15. MATCH CARD & SUBSTITUTION a) Teams must submit their official team list to the Match Commissioner at least one (1) hour prior to the start of game. Additionally, all player/s must show their identification card/s to be eligible for participation. b) There shall be no more than twenty (20) names on the match card on each match day. Nine (9) players will be allowed to sit on the substitute bench. c) Five (5) substitution of player/s will be allowed for each game. d) Match Reports (Match Commissioner & Referee) should be sent to the JFF Competitions Services Department within 24 hours of the game/s. In case of incidents, reports must be submitted within twelve (12) hours. 16. WITHDRAWALS Teams withdrawing from competitions without completing seventy five percent (75%) of fixture games, all points by or recorded against the withdrawing team shall be expunged. For those teams withdrawing after playing more than seventy five (75%) of fixtures games, the remaining games will be awarded to the teams that were schedule to play by a scoreline of three goals to nil (3-0). Team/s may be referred to the JFF Disciplinary Committee for further sanctions. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ORGANIZERS/VENUE MANAGEMENT ARTICLE 17 Ground Preparation: The ground shall be in good condition both as to the field of play and its surrounding and shall also be certified by the JFF and conform to the regulations of the Laws of The Game. b) The maintenance of safety, law and order and provision of adequate security for the teams, match officials (Referees, Assistant Referees, Match Commissioner), JFF officials and spectators, in providing at least two (2) uniformed Police to be available inside the playing area to assist with crowd control. At least eight (8) uniformed Venue Officials/Private Security Officers to assist with crowd control. These Security Personnel shall be separate from those on the team bench and shall be strategically placed around the playing area. Irrespective of the number of uniformed security officials, the organizers/venue management must exercise due care in planning and providing adequate personnel to ensure law and order. (The eight-venue official’s shirt shall be clearly marked MATCH SECURITY) c) At-least six (6) ball kids and the provision of a minimum of six (6) FIFA Approved/FIFA inspected balls or International Standard, which shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Competitions. d) The field shall be fenced, with the fence being a barrier from spectators. 9 e) Provide suitable changing rooms for the visiting teams, Referees, and Match Commissioner. f) Provide suitable seating for the Match Commissioner in a location, which will allow him/her an unobstructed view of the Game and the venue. This should be separate and apart from that which is provided for the Fourth Official. 17.2 The participating teams (Home and Visitor) are responsible for the behavior of the members of their delegation (officials and players) and supporters (spectators) before, during and after each match, from the time they arrive on the grounds until one hour after the game. 18. GAME/S BALLS The balls chosen for the competitions shall conform to the Laws of the Game and bear one of the following three quality standard designations licensed by FIFA: i. “FIFA APPROVED” ii. “FIFA INSPECTED” iii. “INTERNATIONAL MATCH BALL STANDARD” a) Size five (5) balls will be used for all matches. b) Game balls, six (6) per game will be provided by the tournament organizers and approved by the JFF Competitions & Regulations Committee (CRC). 19. MEDICAL SERVICES i. Certified medical personnel shall be at each venue before the commencement of a game. (Medical Doctor, Nurse, First Aider, Ambulance, etc). Game must not be started without medical personnel in place. Ambulance must be at the venue at least one (1) hour prior to the start of a game. ii. Two (2) stretcher-bearers to remove an injured player as 10 quickly as possible, stretcher-bearers shall enter with a stretcher only when summoned by the Referee. 20. MEDIA REQUEST 20.1 HALF TIME FLASH INTERVIEW Before the second half starts, the Match Commissioner may request the Coach to attend a FLASH INTERVIEW, which will be held at a designated area determined by the Match Commissioner and/or the Organizers. The Coach can however refuse this request without prejudice. 20.2 END OF MATCH FLASH INTERVIEW 20.2.1 A request may be made by the Match Commissioner for the Coach and /or players to attend this interview, which will be held at a designated area determined by the Match Commissioner and/or the Organizers. The request cannot be rejected. 20.2.2 If the Official refuses to give an interview after the match he/she will be fined Four Thousand Dollars ($4,000.00). In cases of repetition the Coach will be referred to the JFF Disciplinary Committee. 20.2.3 If a player refuses to give an interview after the match, he will be fined Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00). In cases of repetition the player will be referred to the JFF Disciplinary Committee. 20.2.3 DURING THE MATCH The Match Commissioner will be in contact with a team official (designated by the team) to provide information for the media. 21. FIELDS The surface shall be grassy, with dimensions of 90-120 meters in length, and 45– 90 meters in width, goalpost, 2.44 meters in height and 7.32 meters in width, properly prepared as per FIFA Rules and Regulations. 22. MATCH OFFICIALS The JFF Referees & Assessors Committee will be responsible for the appointment of all qualified referees as per JFF managed competitions. 23. HOME TEAM a) The parish team listed first in each pairing on the schedule is Team A. b) The organizers/venue management will be responsible for preparing the field of play including nets and provision for match balls. 24. TEAM ARRIVAL All team/s must arrive at the match venue at least ninety (90) minutes before the schedule start of their game. 25. LENGTH OF MATCHES a) Games at the preliminary stage will be played with two 45-minute halves with a 15-minute break. b) If any playoff, semi-final or final match is tied at the end of regulation time, two 15-minute period of extra time will be played. If the result is tied at the end of extra time, kicks will be taken from the penalty mark using FIFA guidelines with only those players on the field at the conclusion of play eligible to participate. 26. ABANDONED GAMES a) If a match is abandoned for cause due to force majeure, actions of a parish, coach and/or spectator/s; the Competitions & Regulations Committee (CRC) or its designee shall determine whether to allow the score at the time of abandonment of game to stand, to forfeit the match in favor of the non-offending parish, to continue the match from where it was abandoned or to replay the match in its entirety. In the event of game/s being replayed, these/s will be played mid week of the following week. 27. PROTESTS a) All questions relating to the qualifications of the competitors and interpretation of the rules, or any dispute or protest whatever, shall be referred to the Competitions & Regulations Committee (CRC) or its designee. The Competitions & Regulations Committee shall then refer the protest to a Judiciary Committee. The decision/s of the latter committee shall be binding on all parishes concerned. b) To be valid and eligible for consideration, each protest must: I. If involving the field of play, be lodged verbally with the referee and the opposing coach at the game site before entering the field of play. II. Be filed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game with a JFF match official. (Match Commissioner/Referee) III. Written copies of the protests must be received by the JFF within twenty-four (24) hours of the game being protested. IV. All protests relating to the grounds, goal posts, or other item/s associated with the game shall be entertained only if a written objection has been lodged with the referee and the opposing coach prior to the start of the game. V. No protests may be made against the referee’s decision regarding facts connected with play, such decision/s being final. VI. The Competitions & Regulations Committee (CRC) shall immediately upon receipt of a protest notify the parish against which the protest has been made and shall send a copy of the protest and all particulars to that team which will then have the right to defend its case with or without witnesses, should it desire to do so. VII. If an unfounded or irresponsible protest is lodged, the Disciplinary Committee may impose a fine against the parish that lodge the protest. VIII. A lawyer shall not represent a parish at the hearing of a charge or protest unless he is a bonafide Exco member or registered team official for the competition of one of the parish/es team/s concerned. IX. A plea of ignorance to the rules and regulations of the competition is not sufficient grounds for protests. 28. Appeal An appeal may be lodged to the JFF Appeals Committee against any decision passed by the Disciplinary and or Competitions committees, unless the sanction pronounced is: a) A warning; b) A reprimand; c) A suspension for less than six (6) matches or of up to four (4) months; Anyone wishing to lodge an appeal shall transfer the amount of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) to the JFF’s bank account or by certified bank draft to the Federation’s Accounts Department before expiry of the time limit of forty-eight (48) hours to formalize the appeal. The appeal is inadmissible without this deposit. This amount will be reimbursed to the appellant if he/she wins the case. Costs and charges are payable by an appellant who loses the case are deducted from this amount, any remaining amount is reimbursed. If the deposit is insufficient, the appellant will be ordered to pay the difference. If the appeal is considered to be frivolous or vexatious, costs and expenses shall be paid in addition to the deposit. 29. RULES OF COMPETITION a) All JFF Youth Competition matches will be conducted in accordance with FIFA’s “Laws of the Game” and the JFF Administrative Manual (including all JFF Board of Directors updates). b) Rules and Regulations not provided for under these regulations shall be determined by the Organizing Committee, the JFF Competitions and Regulations Committee or the JFF Board of Directors whose decision shall be final.

Raymond Anderson - Chairman Competitions & Regulations Committee

Linnel McLean JP - Chairman Technical & Development Committee