Dinthill Technical just came up short in the chase for silverware in last year’s ISSA/Flow Rural Area schoolboys’ football competition, denied twice by St Elizabeth Technical.

Dinthill were edged 1-0 in the daCosta Cup finals after they were knocked out of the Ben Francis KO at the semi-finals stage on penalty kicks and the losses cost Anthony Patrick and his entire staff their jobs. Kevin Williams is the new man at the helm who is expected to take the former champions over the line this season and is one of several new faces that will be on the sidelines in the daCosta Cup this season. At least another nine schools have made changes as the competition kick off on Saturday September 10 th with 23 games. Andrew Edwards who led STETHS to the title in 2009 and who then moved to Munro College is in the hot seat at Manchester High as they chase their first title.

He replaces the much travelled Donovan Duckie who has moved on yet again after another failed attempt at a title. Another veteran who has been on several sidelines, David ‘Pencil’ Delisser has taken over the Cedric Titus High team replacing long serving Wade Crawford who has moved to York Castle who he had many battles with while in Zone I.

Anthony ‘Follies’ Williams who won titles as player and coach at Rusea’s High and where he was aligned for over 30 years, has taken over at Irwin High.

Lynval ‘Palla’ Wilson, a former national player with coaching experience at almost every level up to the Premier League will be calling the shots at Spalding High in Manchester this season. Sheldon Davis who was at Manchester High for several seasons replaces Dave Anderson at Holmwood Technical, allowing the latter to focus full time on the girls’ track and field team.

Leacroft Lettman spent just one season at William Knibb before taking over at Herbert Morrison Technical and will be replaced by Cassman Williams who is returning to his Alma Mater after at least two previous stints at the Martha Brae school.

Dane Randall who had replaced Hector Wright at Herbert Morrison, both one year stints, moves to take over Holland High who are returning to the competition after a two year absence.