Eighty-eight schools, two more than last year’s 86 are down to take part in the 2018 ISSA daCosta cup school boys football competition set to kick off on September 8 th in Montego Bay.

Eleven time champions Rusea’s High lead the teams that will be hunting the title that will have new sponsors this year after the five year agreement with telecom giants Flow came to an end in December last year.

Numbered among the team are two schools that will be wetting their feet, making their first appearance, Belmont Academy and Sydney Pagon High.

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Belmont will play in Zone D and Sydney Pagon on Zone E in the first round.

Meanwhile, four schools that took part last year will not be playing this year while six schools will make their return to the competition.

Godfrey Stewart High the 2005 champions, Grange Hill, Black River and Maud McLeod all from Zone D will not be participating while Merlene Ottey High, Kellits High, Tacky High, Tacius Golding High, Annotto Bay and Winston Jones will all make a return.

See the full set of groups in the 2018 DaCosta Cup Tournament.