I’ve always shied away from funerals because I don’t ever know exactly how to show my sympathy for those who have lost their loved ones. When I heard about Jordan’s funeral I immediately said to myself that I would not attend his funeral due to the sadness that I would have to deal with.

However, when I was asked by family members of Jordan to read my poem at his funeral I couldn’t say no. I felt like this was a way to show them just how inspirational he was to not just me but the entire Jamaica. In the days leading up to the funeral I was a bit conflicted wondering if I would be able to hold my nerves or whether or not I would be overcome by sadness.

When I arrived at the funeral location all sense of nervousness and sadness went away. I saw faces that were simply in awe of the young man who was Jordan Foote, I saw determination in the eyes of his friends but sadness of course lingered closely by.

For anyone who went to pay their final respects to Jordan it was a time to reflect on our own lives. I left his funeral feeling even more determined to never let any obstacle stand in my way.

Jordan had the biggest obstacle which was that of sickness and he still was determined to live through it. So many of us let the words of others and just simply self doubt be our obstacles. In memory of Jordan I implore each and everyone to get up and live  your life today before it is too late to live again.


Sacheen Poetic Laing