The ISSA/Lockerroom/Tip Schoolgirl football competition kicked off Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at the Spanish Town Prison Oval.

The 2019 season kicked off with a dress parade; third place went to Bridgeport High School while there was a tie between Denham Town High and Garvey Maceo High for the first place trophy.

Locker Room Sports have donated six million dollars to the proceedings of this year’s competition as they seek to improve the quality of the league and also help to finance the competition.

David Shirley of Locker Room Sports handed over the cheque to ISSA President Dr Walton Small at the opening ceremony. The Tip Friendly Society also came on board as sponsors.

Chairperson of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) women’s program, Mrs Elaine Walker-Brown was also in attendance as she pledged her full support to the competition and also has arranged for scouting of the young girls who aspire to become apart of the national program.

Forty-seven schools have entered this season’s competition with hopes of dethroning the defending champions Excelsior High School.

The defending champions Excelsior High opened their campaign in style after hammering Camperdown High 21-0.