2013 Walker Cup Quarter-Finals (8 TEAMS)

Group Winners and best second place team qualify

Friday October 18


Q- Final 1: Wolmers C1 vs. Spanish Town F1
Q-Final 2: Holy Trinity G1 vs. Charlie Smith  Best 2nd
Saturday October 19, 2013
Q- Final 3: Hydel A1 vs. St. Georges   D1
Q- Final 4: Excelsior   B1 vs. Jamaica College E1
Walker Cup Semi – Finals
Tuesday October 22
1:00 P.M Winner Q/F1 vs. Winner Q/F 2
3:00 P.M. Winner Q 3 vs. Winner Q 4
Walker Cup Finals
Saturday November 23, 2013
*** If schools are not in the Manning Cup Finals

Wednesday November 27, 2013
** If schools are in the Manning Cup Final