Al Khor City, 35km north of Doha

The stadium takes its name from ‘bayt al sha’ar’ – which were tents historically used by nomadic peoples in Qatar and the Gulf region.

The design honours Qatar’s past and present, while keeping one eye on the future of the community.

Covering an area larger than 30 football pitches, Al Bayt Park boasts vast green spaces with play areas and exercise stations, along with tracks for running, cycling, horse riding and camel riding.

In addition, the precinct is home to multi-sport grounds which are also open for public use. In November 2021, the Quodorat Centre, a community space for the preservation of cultural heritage and inter-generational dialogue, opened its new headquarters within the precinct, in partnership with the SC and Aspire Zone.

Led by Qatar's Ministry of Culture and Sport, a branch of the Nomas Centre will teach youth about the country's cultural heritage by organising a number of activities, including horse riding.