Registered Colors:
Light blue and white tops and light blue bottoms
MISSION STATEMENT   "To promote hard work, discipline, respect for self, others and country, To create a variety of opportunities through instruction and training which will enable each individual To develop and maximize his/her potential To be a true example and an inspiration to others"


Rank Played Wins Draw Losts GD Points
2 8 5 1 2 18 16

Current form



Date Team Location Results
10-04-2014 3:30 PMClaude McKay Claude McKayH
09-29-2014 3:30 PMClarendon College Clarendon CollegeA
09-24-2014 3:30 PMThompson Town Thompson TownH
09-20-2014 3:30 PMLennon LennonA
09-13-2014 3:30 PMClaude McKay Claude McKayA

09-06-2014 3:30 PM
Edwin Allen
09-11-2014 3:30 PM
Edwin Allen
Clarendon College
09-13-2014 3:30 PM
Claude McKay
Edwin Allen
09-20-2014 3:30 PM
Edwin Allen
09-24-2014 3:30 PM
Edwin Allen
Thompson Town
10-04-2014 3:30 PM
Edwin Allen
Claude McKay