Welcome to Jamaican Schoolboy Football!!!

Jamaican Schoolboy Football Logowww.schoolboyfootball.com, the home of Jamaican School Boy Football (hereinafter “JSBF”) is the one-stop community for all things schoolboy football in Jamaica. Providing the latest scores, standings, statistics, news and information on all inter-secondary school football competitions in Jamaica, www.schoolboyfootball.com receives high traffic daily from students, teachers, alumni and football enthusiasts in Jamaica and around the Diaspora.

The Jamaica School Boy Football (JSBF) online was launched on September 1st, 2012 primarily out of a love for the sport and to generate interests from persons in the Diaspora and Jamaica who have a love for football. The target market includes students still in high school, past students in Jamaica and the Diaspora who have retained an interest in their alma maters and well-wishers of Jamaican High Schools.

Football enthusiasts from every Jamaican school crave for their current school or alma maters to win the championship against all odds and definitely want a blow-by-blow account of each play in real-time by physical attendance at games or by access on the Internet. Since the launch of the JSBF website, the interest generated has been significant with traffic surpassing the initial expectation of 5,000 hits per month to the current 250,000 hits per month during the active football season.

For the first three years, JSBF has seen a steady increase in viewership, however, the fourth year (2015-2016 season), in partnership with FLOW, JSBF saw a remarkable surge in website visits demonstrating a major growth of 300%. This translates into well over one million page views during that time. This significant increase in website visits is, in part, due to outstanding site content and the dedicated team that supports JSBF. Clearly, there is a demand for this type of up-to-the-minute coverage from mixed viewers not necessarily based in Jamaica.