Hopewell High won their first game in the 2018 ISSA/Wata DaCosta Cup Competition edging Merlene Ottey High 1-0 on Monday.
This was the second time that they were winning an opening game since they started taking part in the competition in 2008 and their first win since the 2010 season.

{loadmodule mod_custom,Google inside article ad code} After a good first season in 2008 when they also beat Merlene Ottey in their opening game on their way to three wins, ending on 11 points, they had fallen on hard times.

Hopewell High’s most recent win came in the 2010 season, when they beat Maldon High 2-0 but suffered through two seasons when they lost all their games in 2012 and 2014 and picked up one point last year.

Hopewell are now sitting in joint first place with defending champions Rusea’s High and former champions Frome Technical, all on three points.