Dinthill Technical has replaced Kevin Williams after just two months into the Schoolboy Football season. Williams was relieved of his coaching duties after a fall out with the manager of the team. He has been replaced by the self proclaimed ‘Chosen One’ Jeffrey Maxwell who started the season on a high with Haile Selassie.

Maxwell takes charge of Dinthill just hours before they begin their quarter final campaign as they seek DaCosta Cup glory.
Will this affect their wonderful run of form in the DaCosta Cup or will Maxwell push his new team to the title and make Dinthill champions again? Will the change of coach affect the momentum in the camp or will his tactics lead them to the title?

Lennon host Dinthill on Wednesday October 26 for their first quarter final encounter, Jamaican Schoolboy Football will be bringing you live updates as Jeffrey Maxwell enters his first game at his new job.

Oral ‘German’ McNamee