Defending DaCosta Cup champion Clarendon College kicked off the new schoolboy football season with a narrow win against Edwin Allen.

The Chapelton based institution edged their opponent 3-2 with a brace from Christopher Hull in an exciting opener.

The Manning Cup competition also kicked off with defending champions Jamaica College being held to a goalless draw by a spirited Calabar High.

Other results in the Manning Cup saw Jonathan Grant defeat Jose Marti 2-0, Camperdown hammering Dunoon 5-0, Tivoli 2-1 Excelsior, and a 2-2 draw between STATHS and St. Jago respectively.

Schedule Manning Cup games today – Sat, November 13, 2021

Group A

Venue: Jamaica College
Charlie Smith vs Kingston Techincal at 12:00 PM
St. George’s College vs Kingston High – 3:00 PM

Group C:

Venue: Stadium East
Wolmers vs St. Mary’s College – 12:00 PM
Kingston College vs. Mona High – 3:00 PM

Venue: Prison Oval
St, Catherine Hign Vs. Clan Carthy – 3:00 PM

To view the scheduled DaCosta Cup games click here.